Why you need promotion in the music industry
the objectives of sales promotion including how it is used to build awareness, create interest, stimulate.
Promotion is relevant because it raises potential customer awareness of a particular product or brand. if you want to get your music known by the general public and if you want to build a fan base then promotion is key. You can use internet blog sites and social networks to get yourself known as an entertainer. Leaflets and flyers can also be distributed locally to raise public awareness. Renting halls or clubs that you know are safe venues can also be good for you. This will enable you to get exposure as a performer and get feed back on what audiences you should be targeting. Also it is a way of making money for your hard effort. I must specify that I think your safety is important and you should try your best to book venues in locations that are not known to have problems such as murders or shoot-outs. Try to avoid these types of locations were possible because you never know it may be unsafe for you or your audience. I say this because you would not want to end up being responsible for not taking cautions to avoid the safety of the general public. Life and safety first!. Try to ignore venues which normally have drunk, disorderly and armed crowds.

You could consider getting help from an entertainment promoter. Entertainment promoters specialise in marketing live events such as; concerts and festivals; parties and discos. An entertainment promoter is a person working independently or for a company. You could also search online for local entertainment promoters in you area to see what packages they can offer you. Also you can check a business phone directory to find entertainment promoters local to you who might be able to help. Promotion can be very difficult because you need to find an entertainment promoter who is confident in your material and you also need to be confident in it as well. If you are not confident with your material it will show in your mannerisms and this can sometimes put the entertainment promoter off of doing business with you.
Well hopefully the entertainment promoter thinks it's a hit then you will have no problems. If not try again until you succeed. Promotion is key to getting yourself established as an entertainer. If you don't promote yourself many people will not know about you. Promotion raises public awareness and it can help to create a fan base as the people who like your songs are likely to share you songs with other people. Promotion is something that should never be avoided as you will struggle market you live events independently.

Why you need promotion in the music industry
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