Why you should get your material copyrighted
Copyright gives you the ability to share your ideas while at the same time protecting your intellectual property. Intellectual property can be explained as: creations of the mind, poems and songs; literary, artistic works and graphic designs used for business. Copyrighting should be used to keep your own material as your property and help you gain royalties owed. Depending on what country you live in copyright can vary. The main thing that you need to do is make sure that you have 100% ownership of the material that you are releasing. If you don't then you are at risk of being accused of copyright infringement. If you are the owner of the material you are releasing and you don't get it copy righted then you are also at risk of (becoming victim to copyright infringement) having your material stolen and used by someone else.

Be very careful many people are around that will steal your work to make easy money. You should speak to a solicitor to give you legal advice on what rights you have on ownership of your creative idea based in the country you reside in because copy right law can be different in many countries. To avoid confusion get a solicitor's help because they can tell you your legal rights regarding copy right law. Registering your material with a registered copyright organisation can help as proof of ownership of that material. It is useful and more reliable to get your material registered by a government copyright organisation, because if you use an independent copyright company questions of ownership can always be disputed based around whether or not the independent copyright company is trust worthy or not. When you copyright your material with the government it is more difficult for them to be challenged. The best choice would be to use the government for copyright protection but ideally you must decide. You might have a better experience with an independent copyright organisation but that is totally your decision. Please research this properly first because you are responsible for making that choice. It would be a good idea to research mechanical copyright law first then you will have a better idea of how difficult and diverse the whole topic can be. The main aim of getting your material copy righted is that once it is registered as your material you will be capable of claiming full ownership. And it is a guaranteed document of evidence that you can use if you think someone has stolen or used your music to make money without your consent. If you take them to court and win the case you should be given royalties owed to you. Remember it is not guaranteed that you will win every court case because some people have songs that sound the same and it could just be a coincidence. Also some people have songs that were copy righted before your songs were created that may sound similar. But it is always best to be safe and copyright your material for future document evidence if needed.

Why you should get your material copyrighted
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