What is the best way to record your vocal performance

Recording is a craft that take skills and ingenuity to capture singing and musical performances. Before you begin recording vocals you need to decide how you are going to record them. If you decide to purchase your own equipment to record your vocals the following is a list of essential things you will need to do.

The purchase of a microphone The microphone is highly essential because you need this to capture your voice, without a microphone you can not record sound.

When purchasing equipment for recording vocals you will need to purchase a pop guard. The pop guard prevents pop noises in your recordings, they normally occur when words containing the letter "P" and "T" are used. If you use only a microphone going directly into your recording device it will have pop noises.

You will also need a USB mic pre amp compressor. This will enable your make a level vocal recording and transfer it to a digital sequencing program.
Without a compressor it will take you a lot of time to edit the recorded material on your recording device. The reason for this is because you will need to edit the vocals using plug-ins designed to compress the vocals after you have recorded them.

If you want a realistic sound then a mic pre amp is suitable. The combination of these 3 (the microphone, mic pre amp compressor and pop guard) are key to achieving a good performance.

You need to have a studio to record your vocals. To achieve this you can rent a professional studio with an engineer for a small fee per hour to help you record your vocals. If recording at your home you could use a computer based program designed for professional home computer recordings.

There are hundreds of audio sequencing software to choose from but make sure you use a program that can record at above 16mb quality. This is because when you record your vocal performance at 16mb the loss of quality is very minimal, the higher the mb (mega bites) the lower the reduction of quality of the final recording. Another method which is more robust than computer recording is to buy a hard disk home studio recorder. They are more robust because they do not crash as much as a computer. Try to get a recording platform with a lot of plugs ins featured on either your computer or hard disk recorder. Reason for this is because it makes your vocals more exciting and creative. Recording vocals is a process that will enable you to record your vocal talents.

What is the best way to record your vocal performance
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