How to develop a plan and vision for your music career
It is useful but not essential to have a plan and a vision. The vision being explained is a personal one to be used with your business colleagues and not the general public. Incorporating a personal plan and vision is a method that can be used to help you maintain an active music career. A vision is useful because it can make you have an optimistic vision of what you expect to get from your career after achieving stages of your strategic plan. When making a vision statement it must have clear, incisive language. It should express passion and commitment to achieving your goal within the music industry. If you haven't achieved your plan then you can improve it. An example of this is that you could aim to perform at 20 major venues for the current year with a vision of being an established entertainer. If you haven't achieved this buy the end of the current year then you could try making an improved plan towards being established as an entertainer the following year. If you have not done more than 3 venues in the first year of the plan then you know that it may be unachievable. At this point maybe you can alter the plan and anticipate that you may need help from individuals who specialize in getting entertainers established. The above example given shows the benefits of a plan and vision because it is a method of monitoring what you have achieved through the year. It is also a means of monitoring if your plan is realistic and it is documented evidence of what strengths and weaknesses you may have. You can also change your plan and vision during any period if you are underperforming by adding anything necessary, that you think may be a a key task to be done in order to achieving your goals. Remember this was only an example, you can make any personal vision that you want and design a plan that you think is achievable in order for you to achieve your vision. Planning is a way of keeping yourself organized if you do not have a documented plan then you will not be Able to asses whether or not you are making progress. If you have no plan and you are working on an idea that may prove to be unachievable you may not know that this plan may need to be abandoned or improved on. Having a plan is useful as it can help you to see your progress in time and you can set a realistic vision with the previous knowledge of your past progress.
How to develop a plan and vision for your music career
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